Wedding in I Due Roccoli – Lake Iseo

Once upon a time, there were two people who came from opposite corners of the world but found love in a bustling pub in Sydney. The air was filled with music and laughter, but amidst the noise, they found each other. They shared stories, jokes, and interests, and before they knew it, they had exchanged numbers and set a date for dinner.
Their first date was a blast, and that’s when they knew that they were meant for each other.
As the pandemic hit, their love grew stronger with each passing day. From a small one bedroom apartment, they bought and renovated their dream home and created a cozy nest filled with love, respect and silliness.
On a ski trip to Aprica in December 2022, Jack proposed wedding to Flavia on top of a mountain, surrounded by stunning views. They are now looking forward to continuing having fun together for the rest of their lives, creating new memories, and traveling the world.