Eight years ago, the bustling energy of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District became the backdrop for a serendipitous meeting that would shape the futures of Taya and Nico Dumoulin. On that memorable night, Taya, in the company of her friend Liz, met Nico and Florian. While the night began with dancing and laughter, it was a simple text from Taya to Florian, requesting Nico’s number, that truly sparked the beginning of their journey.

Their first rendezvous took place at the quaint Gentleman Farmer in the Lower East Side, marking the start of countless dates that would intertwine their destinies. From the electric streets of New York to the historic lanes of London, their love story unfolded, punctuated by numerous transatlantic trips. The vastness of the Atlantic became a testament to their commitment, as they navigated the challenges of long-distance romance, marked by the frequented NY-LON route.

Yet, their shared passion for travel meant their love story wasn’t just confined to these two cities. Together, they explored the tapestry of the world, vacationing in various countries, their adventures a reflection of their insatiable wanderlust.

Challenges emerged in the form of distance, but Philippe, Nico’s former boss at Credit Suisse, played a role in bridging the gap, facilitating Nico’s move to the city that never sleeps.

Amidst the global upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dumoulins showcased their indomitable spirit, taking their vows in a unique Zoom civil marriage. Their resilience led them to Florence, where Nico, atop Villa Cora’s enchanting rooftop, asked Taya, once again, to be his partner for life.

The grand celebration of their love story took place at Château du Feÿ in Burgundy. Beneath an ancient oak tree, they exchanged vows that echoed with promises and dreams. The presence of Taya’s mentor, Nicolas O’Connell, and her dear friend, Cameron Mascia, added depth to the ceremony.

A backdrop of melodic jazz and the heartstrings of Daniel Yuan’s guitar set the ambiance. As evening transitioned to night, fireworks painted the sky, a reflection of their sparkling love story.

Returning to NYC, the Dumoulins continue their journey, with Nico, the trader with an eye for street photography, and Taya, flourishing in the realm of coffee wholesale for a French-American firm. Their shared musical tastes, combined with their love for travel and the company of Bali, their endearing French bulldog, make the Dumoulin tale a captivating symphony of love, adventure, and shared dreams.

Just outside of Paris, in the heart of France’s Burgundy region, sits the stunning 100-acre 17th-century chateau. It enjoys protected status as one of France’s historic jewels, making it perfect
for an unforgettable wedding.

The Château du Feÿ estate is made up of multiple spaces surrounding the main château, including two separate accommodation spaces, the farmhouse and the gîte. Nestled in its own private forest,
the 400-year-old Château du Feÿ enjoys the best views of the Yonne Valley, including the River Yonne and the surrounding incredibly picturesque villages.

Wedding planning : Aly.Event

Photographer : Raul Gori Steven Ramos

Videomaker : Joseydanielle

Florist : La Maison dautel

Officiant : Cameron Philip

Dress: Vatit Itthi

Makeup : Djdjay

Venue : Chateau du fey

Catering : Lepoint Gourmand

Live music : Danny fantastic