Elopement Photography Service

What is an elopement?

The word “elopement” comes from English and means something like “running away with each other.” An elopement is nothing more than a wedding in the smallest of circles, with the closest people around you and sometimes just the two of you. Most couples choose a wonderful place in nature to exchange their wedding vows.

It’s about you!

During an elopement, one thing is clearly in focus: the spouses and their mutual love. You decide entirely on your own where you will get married and who will be present. The only thing that is the same in all elopements is intimacy. An elopement is very personal and gives you as a bride and groom the opportunity to express your emotions freely.

The Elopement Photography Service includes:

- Planning from start to finish (finding suppliers, planning the timeline);
- Coverage for up to 5 hours of service;
- Online Gallery (from 400 - 800 photographs, fully post-produced)

Capturing your love story will be my fulfillment as a photographer. From the moment you choose me to photograph your life, your days, we will be a great team that works from the start.

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I specialize in wedding and engagement photography services. Before being a profession, photography became an integral part of my journey and a rather tireless companion. It makes me travel often, rest little, and brings me a new story every day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Tuscany, or for a photoshoot outside Italy, I am ready to tell your story too.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How is an elopement planned?

Even during an elopement, both the preparation and the first look for both the bride and the groom can take place. The wedding ceremony is usually conducted by a wedding officiant. Even a dear friend or relative can officiate the marriage here, as the elopement is purely symbolic. Of course, an elopement can also take place without a third person, and the spouses can exchange vows with each other. The so-called vows make the elopement a very personal marriage and are its focal point. Of course, the exchange of rings and the kiss are also important elements of an elopement.

Where can an elopement take place?

After the wedding, the filming of the spouses can take place. Many couples then choose a beautiful location abroad, but often also a place that has a very special meaning for them. However, you don't have to miss a place decorated with delicious food. There are no rules because an elopement is about you and how you envision your wedding and that day. So you can be creative and not have to adhere to standards.

Where to organize an elopement in Italy?

The most beautiful thing about elopement is that it can take place wherever you want. What do you think about traveling to your dream destination and celebrating your wedding in front of an incredible landscape? Especially if you plan to bring along a small group of family and friends, a destination elopement is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. The possibilities are endless, talk to your wedding photographer and get inspired!

Why an intimate wedding?

Every couple has their reasons for organizing an intimate/elopement wedding: some prefer a more intimate and collected ceremony, others want to give their guests an unforgettable experience, others want to live an adventure on such a special day. If the idea of an intimate and stress-free ceremony, focused 100% on your love and personality appeals to you, an intimate wedding is undoubtedly for you! This way you can avoid boring traditions and crowded ceremonies and focus on the experience rather than the appearance. An intimate wedding means being able to build your day, on your terms.

When to organize an Elopement?

Although summer is one of the most beautiful seasons in Italy, we are fortunate enough to enjoy pleasant weather almost all year round. So it depends on what you are looking for, but also autumn with its colors or winter with the snow around could be great for organizing your intimate wedding and avoiding waves of tourists.

What to do during an elopement?

There is no well-defined rule for an intimate wedding. In my opinion, exciting moments of preparation, first look, exchange of vows, ceremony, and a very small reception should not be excluded. Remember that by having an intimate wedding, you can include further adventures in the following days.

Here are some examples to do:

- A beautiful mountain walk in the Dolomites
- a wine and cheese tasting in Tuscany
- A nice boat ride on the Amalfi Coast
- A dinner with handmade pizza in Naples
- A horseback ride in the countryside

Is an elopement expensive?

Not really. It all depends on how elaborate your day will be. You should attach importance to the meaning of Elopement, not to economic convenience.

Does elopement only include the future spouses?

Absolutely not, an elopement can include the bride and groom, but also the dearest relatives, the closest friends. Generally, an elopement includes up to 10 guests.

Do I need a wedding planner for an elopement?

Well, my advice is yes! Especially if it's for Destination Elopements. This way you will have help in finding the perfect location for the ceremony and various suppliers.

What are the suppliers to contact for an elopement?

My suggestions are: a photographer and videographer for the elopement, a local wedding planner, documents and paperwork, a good dose of creativity...and lots of love!