Shawn and Nico met the old fashioned way in September 2006—at a bar in Manhattan.  Nico struck up conversation with Shawn over a nightcap, and they chatted for hours. Later that week, they had our first date at the upstairs cafe at Mercer Kitchen. (Betsy Johnson was seated at the next table: a good omen!)  
There was a quiet easiness to spending time together, and the weeks and months ticked by. Then a year, two, and three. They moved in together in 2012. And now, nearly 17 years after they met, they are so excited to celebrate their commitment to each other with the people they care about the most.
On March 24, 2023, Nico and Shawn had their wedding ceremony at City Hall in Manhattan, with their dear friend Stephanie as their witness. That night, they hosted a dinner with a small group of family and friends at Rosemary’s East.
Nico grew up in the French Alps, and used to visit the Cote d’Azur often as a child. Nico and Shawn have been spending their summers in the Saint-Tropez area for almost a decade, and it is a place that means so much to them.
When it came time to decide where to celebrate their wedding, they knew that they wanted to share this special place with their family and friends. The plans came together quickly, and they chose to celebrate at Domaine Bertaud Belieu, a beautiful local vineyard that they often drive past while visiting. 


Wedding Planner : Guy Chevrot
Music: DJ Phil Larsen
Shawn’s Tuxedo: Thom Brown
Shawn’s Suit: Dzojchen
Nico’s Tuxedo: Thom Sweeney
Catering: By Joy Traiteur
Location: Domaine Bertaud Belieu

Photographer : Raul Gori Wedding Photographer

Andrea cittadini