In early June 2022, I was contacted by Selin to ask if I had been available for their upcoming wedding near Zurich, in Switzerland. 

On August 12, my colleague Steven and I drove seven hours to capture the day of this young couple.

They hired me because they loved my style of photography and they didn’t care if I had to come from Italy.

Wedding preparation began in the village of Fällanden Waldhuus near Zurich. The wedding ceremony took place inside the premises. After the ceremony, we took a couple shots, taking advantage of the majestic fir trees that characterize Switzerland.

The day ended with a family party, dancing until late at night, but our adventure had not ended yet: until 8 of the next day, we had to drive to return to Italy.

I was very honored to have been chosen as a photographer for this intimate wedding, but above all to photograph moments in beautiful Switzerland.