Karen and Jan met through common friends in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Karen, from Ecuador, had previously spent a year in Germany as an exchange student, while Jan, from Germany, had lived in Ecuador as a volunteer. Knowing each other’s cultures and sharing four languages, as well as a passion for dancing, they started dating in 2015. Karen was studying in Quito, while Jan had taken a job in Zurich. In 2016, Karen moved to The Hague for further studies, and so they were in a long-distance relationship between Switzerland and the Netherlands until 2019. Finally, they moved in together in Geneva in September of that year. Shortly after, they lived through the pandemic together – going from several years of long-distance relationship to spending every day in the same apartment. Through thick and thin, having managed to overcome cultural and language barriers, to integrate into each other’s families, and to combine their different lives and temperaments both across a distance and in close proximity, they finally said yes to spending the rest of their days together – in French, a fifth language they now share – on March 25, 2022 in Geneva.

Fotografie :

Raul Gori Wedding Photographer – Steven Ramos – Andrea Manno

Bride’s dress (evening): Ximena Valarezo_designer


Bride’s tiara: Pronovias

Groom’s smoking (evening): Valerio 1966 official

Bride’s bouquet & groom’s boutonniere:Fleurset elegance

Floral decorations, wedding cake, catering, location: Le Mirador Resort