The story of Giulia and Marco begins on a hot summer evening in 2012, when almost by chance they found themselves in the same friend’s car to spend an evening all together. Between one chat and the other, they discovered they had a special feeling and a beautiful friendship was born between them. The moments together became more and more intense and full of emotions and that friendship had more and more the scent of something much stronger and deeper.

On the evening of June 26 2014, in the same car in which they met, Giulia decided to give in to that complicity that Marco had already understood for some time and to turn friendship into a great love.

Eight wonderful years have passed since that day among adventures, challenges, dreams and a great awareness: together they are invincible. Between one trip and another, in a wooden house above the Arctic Circle, Marco knelt down, Giulia started shaking, smiled, cried and said “Yes”… The same “Yes” that they both said on June 26 2022 in the beautiful location of Villa di Corliano, in one of the most beautiful historic homes in Tuscany, surrounded by the warmth of relatives and friends of all time. 

An exciting and intimate ceremony between tears and smiles of all present and accomplices and deep looks of love that I wish them to have forever.