Raul Gori Wedding Photographer

Foto Raul Gori Fotografo Matrimoni Toscana

Raul Gori, your wedding photographer in Italy

To me, being a wedding photographer means I have the chance, and the privilege, to witness a magic event from the front row.

Or even better: I immerse myself in it so that I can truly seize every moment and tell your story in the most representative and natural way possible.

And I couldn’t be happier to be by your side in such a fundamental step of your love journey.

Why am I a wedding photographer?

I often get asked this question, and the answer couldn’t be simpler. I chose to be a wedding photographer because it’s a role that makes me feel good.
I love describing scenes through the details that compose their uniqueness.
I love writing with light, carefully combining it with darkness and color.
I love telling people’s love stories.

And I love travelling – that’s why I am so fond of destination wedding photography.

Whether it’s in Tuscany, Italy or the rest of the world: I’m willing to be there, by your side, and celebrate your journey through this incredible art.

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